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Join the club and get access to a library of 1000+ resources, take back your time, plus get coached on whatever comes your way so that you can thrive in teaching and in life.


Ready to ignite the fire🔥 inside of you again so that you can better serve your kids, your classroom, and yourself?

Are you a burnt-out teacher who longs to love teaching again, but the pressure to be better and meet the ever-growing demands of the classroom leaves you feeling incapable or not enough anymore?

Are you a homeschool mom who wants to do right by her kids, all the while you’re second guessing each lesson hoping it’s the right one, and wishing there were others to confide in so you can feel more confident in this new role?

Are you an elementary educator who’s trying to save time on lesson planning, yet deciding what’s worth downloading on TPT takes up all your lunch breaks or evenings and makes it feel like you’re working when you should be relaxing?

Are you some or all of the above, aka a Wife, Teacher, or Mommy who’s so busy being there for everyone in your life except yourself, that you’ve lost sight of who you are and the joy-filled life you’re meant to have?

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Come join Kelsey and her team (plus the +1,000 current members) in the WIFE TEACHER MOMMY CLUB: a community of educators bettering themselves together and getting the resources they need for the classroom and for life.

For the price of a few Starbucks runs, you can have access to an abundance of differentiated resources each month plus exclusive access to our teacher life coaching to save you time and stress!

With Wife Teacher Mommy Club, You'll Get:

Join us today and get everything you need–resources, coaching, and community support– in the WIFE TEACHER MOMMY CLUB.

Hi, I’m Kelsey!

I’m a former teacher, current homeschool mom to 3 kids, Founder of Wife Teacher Mommy, and Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School.

My team and I have helped hundreds of thousands of educators cut down planning time and balance the many roles in their lives with time-saving resources, blogs, the Wife Teacher Mommy Club, Educate & Rejuvenate events, and Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast.

Wife Teacher Mommy has been featured on We Are Teachers, Teachers Pay Teachers, Jane, Etsy, Food Network, CBC, Fox, and NBC.

Just like most teachers, I am happily addicted to Diet Coke and I love reading and listening to podcasts.

What Some Of Our Members Have To Say

"They are responsive, have incredible resources, and their coaching service is very helpful and supportive. Thank you! I’m looking forward to more involvement."
Rose Warrell
Elementary Teacher
"When I joined the Wife Teacher Mommy community, I had no idea that these amazing educators would become such a valuable support system."
Laura Vestal
Elementary Teacher
"I love being part of the Wife Teacher Mommy Club Unlimited access program. It has been a lifesaver in a bind and the resources have been perfect when I’ve had to meet the needs of my learners on many different grade levels. It is more than worth the price of the subscription."
Tiffany Smith
Elementary Teacher
"I love being part of the Wife Teacher Mommy Club Unlimited access program. It has been a lifesaver in a bind and the resources have been perfect when I’ve had to meet the needs of my learners on many different grade levels. It is more than worth the price of the subscription."

Join Over 1,000 Members In…

Get all the resources you need to confidently manage your kids, take back your time by planning ahead, and start loving your life again.



Teacher Life Coaching

Get access to weekly group coaching calls with our certified life coaches for teachers to help you work through the hard stuff and stay focused on your WHY! Each week we’ll discuss common teacher topics voted on by our members, with open time at the end for any questions or concerns you bring to the call.

As a group, we’ll tackle things like:

collection of sub plans and lesson plan resources



Choose from our entire library of printable and digital resources trusted by +10,000 teachers and created by a team of licensed teachers & educators who know exactly what you need to make your job easier.

*Download amounts dependent on your plan.

Our resources support students in grades PRE-K–6th Grade and teachers of all classroom types!

Teach multiple grade levels? >> Get resources for ALL your students without breaking the bank!

Homeschooling kids? >> Our resources easily grow with your child all the way to middle school!

Working with various skill levels in one room? Download multiple levels at once so all kids feel included and your assessments get completed with ease!

Educators get all they need too!


Paid Events

As a member you’ll get VIP Access to multiple events we host throughout the year including paid coaching seminars, Coaching Weeks, and Educate & Rejuvenate - the education event of the year! Attend for FREE, plus enjoy all the VIP perks including:

Platinum Pass Access ($97 value)


A BONUS DAY exclusively for members ($47 value)


An extra Educate & Rejuvenate Winter Event Day!

Our Summer events will have +50 speakers presenting topics on:



Teacher Life Planner

A luxury teacher planner unlike any other! Keep not only your school days and tasks organized, but also get clear on your ideal work & life balance, set goals, and create the ideal teacher life you desire with the Teacher Planner as your guide

green, pink and blue teacher planners

Ask A Coach Portal

The Ask A Coach Portal offers you personalized coaching in the club! You can submit any of your teacher problems or concerns to us 24/7, and you’ll hear from us every Sunday/Monday.

Club Resources Request

Within the Club Resources Request Area of the membership, you can share your ideas doe resources that you need for your classroom with us and our team will implement it as soon as we can. You’ll see other ideas in there as well where you can upvote your favorites as well - the more popular it is, the quicker we’ll get to it.

Club Exclusive Private Podcast + Weekly Video

Think you won’t have time to join the coaching calls each week? Think again. With the Private Podcast, you’ll have access to every coaching call and can take us on the go wherever - in the car, on the treadmill, or while you’re cleaning the house. PLUS from every guest I bring on to the Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast we record a bonus segment just for our members!

wife teacher mommy the podcast image on phone and earbuds

Club Guide & Roadmap

Feel like you might be lost in all the resources and not sure where to start? No need to worry! We created a Club Guide for you. We will also support you along the way with your new member journey. You’ll get premium support as a member!

Wife Teacher Mommy Club Community

Our community of like-minded members gets a space to connect with one another, see how others are using the resources, and ask questions and advice! PLUS we post frequent giveaways including the occasional pre-paid Starbucks gift cards!

1 Year Anniversary Gift

Every member (from any plan) will receive a gift of their choice as a thank you for spending a year with us! Gifts are sent concurrently with the 13th-month subscription, the 5th quarterly renewal, or the 2nd annual renewal.


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