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Lower and Upper Grades Holidays Around the World Research Unit (Digital Version)


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Your students will LOVE learning about winter holidays around the world with this fun and engaging research unit. This holiday includes BOTH Christmas around the world and other holidays around the world, such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, Hanukkah, and Ramadan, for a well-rounded unit. The resource includes everything you need for a successful unit.


Page Count:  122  |   File Type: Google Slides

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Your students will each be assigned a winter holiday to research. You can decide whether they work individually or in small groups. Students will learn how to do internet research to find out more about their assigned holiday. They will answer the questions in their Winter Holidays Research Journal to learn all about it. Then, they will do a final report about their holiday and art project (creating a decoration for their holiday). An editable invitation for an optional “Holidays Around The World Fair” is included for students to show off their hard work to their parents, other classes, etc.

What’s included?

  • Teacher Info Pages: This includes a sample unit outline, grading rubric, and lesson plans for internet research, intro lesson, research journals, and final projects.
  • Internet research worksheets: These worksheets will familiarize your students with how to find credible sources on the internet for research. These can be completed digitally!
  • Holiday cards: You may use these to randomly assign the students to their winter holiday. There are cards for the holidays listed above, plus four more to add your own.
  • Research Journals: The research journals will guide the students throughout their research. There is one question on each page for the students to find the answer to. 13 pre-written pages are included, plus 6 blank pages to add your own questions. Since this is the Google Slides version, students can type right into the journals! Full page and half page versions are BOTH included in this resource. Choose which version is best for your students.
  • Parent Letter & Holiday Fair Invitation: Keep the parents in the loop! Let them know what is going on with the holiday unit, and invite them to the Holidays around the World fair, if you decide to do one.
  • Holiday Info Pages: For each included a holiday, a page with a brief summary and images that represent the holiday are included. You may choose to hand these out to give your students a good starting point for their research.
  • List of Websites: If you’d like to give the students the sources, a list of sources is included. You can also use these to assist your students if they get stuck.
  • Final Report Pages: A final report page is included- a version with clip art to go with each holiday.

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Holidays Around the World Google Slides

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tracey Green
Wonderful Product!!

My class did a Christmas Around the World research project with this and it was amazing! The kids had an absolute blast and sharpened their research skills.

Jamie Shatek
Love this product!!

My class and I have been absolutely enjoying this product! The students are so engaged and have been working so cooperatively to research different holidays around the world. It’s been bringing some of our geography content full circle! I look forward to using this for years to come!

Victoria Basso

My students are really going to enjoy this and I love how the "work" is done!


This is perfect for my ELA class on “technical writing”, which will have students doing crosscurricular research and research projects. Thank you so much for saving me a ton of time!!!

Amy Smart

Excellent research focused unit. This unit has everything to help get the students started with their research and work through the project. Having these in Google Slides format is perfect so my students can research and create on their computer both in school and at home without losing their work.

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