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January Writing Prompts- Friendly Snowman Secret Student Winter Writing


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Your students will love these winter writing prompts & secret student activities! The unit includes fun winter writing prompts for students to write to each other as their secret “Friendly Snowman”. The students will love sending letters to each other and doing kind things for their secret classmates.

These editable winter writing prompts are part of a classroom community building and service learning unit. It can be used for the month of January or anytime during the Winter season.

The snowman writing prompts unit is introduced with the original story “The Friendly Snowman” Then, they will draw their assigned classmate, who they will be writing to for the duration of the unit.

The students will have 10 winter writing prompts to write letters as a Friendly Snowman. They will also have 4 accountability writing prompts in which they report their acts of service to their teacher. At the end of the unit, the students reveal who they are with a fun activity!

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  • Teacher Information & Preparation: All the unit information and preparation is clearly laid out- so you know exactly what you need to do!
  • Friendly Snowman Intro Lesson Plan and Original Story: This lesson plan is a fun way to introduce the unit using the original story. This will lead to the students becoming “Friendly Snowman” just like the main character in the story. Depending on your student’s age and ability, you may read the story aloud to them or print the story and have them read it as a reading passage.
  • January Writing Prompt Info: This page clearly lays out the two types of writing prompts: Friendly Snowman writing prompts and Report to Teacher Writing Prompts.
  • The Big Reveal Activity Lesson Plan: This reveal activity is a huge hit! The students will have a lot of fun guessing who their Friendly Snowman is with this social activity.
  • EDITABLE Student Name Cards: Add your student’s names to the student name cards so they are ready for the students to draw a name to become a Friendly Snowman! FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, you only need to type your students’ names into the document ONE TIME, and they will auto-populate onto the  Recording Sheets AND the Reveal Cards! No need to type them out three times. Pretty cool, right? Color and black and white included!
  • EDITABLE Friendly Snowman Recording Sheet: This adorable recording sheet is for you, as the teacher! This helps you keep track as you deliver the letters. It is also inevitable that students will forget who they were assigned to, so it’s great to have your list handy. You can type the assigned classmate’s name, or print out the form and write them as the students draw names. Color and black and white included!
  • EDITABLE Parent Letter: This letter is ready to go- all that is left to do is add the date and your name. You may edit the contents of the letter as well if you’d like.
  • Friendly Snowman January Writing Prompts #1-#10: These prompts are what students will use to write their letters to their assigned classmates. (Example: “Tell your classmate one thing that you like about them. It can be a personality trait, a talent, or any sort of compliment. Use descriptive words!”) There are 10 pre-made prompts included.
    • Full-color versions of the writing prompts are included for you to display using a SMARTBoard, Projector, etc. This makes it easy for students to see the prompts at all times. If you prefer, black and white versions to print out are also included.
    • EDITABLE Friendly Snowman  Writing Prompts 6 editable pages for you to create your own!
  • Report To Teacher Winter Writing Prompts #1-#4 PLUS 2 Editable Templates: The second kind of winter writing prompt the students will get are the “Report to Teacher” prompt. These keep the students accountable for looking after their assigned classmate as a Friendly Snowman. They also help you to see how the students are helping each other! (Example: “What is one kind thing you have done for your classmate this week as their Friendly Snowman?”)

    • There are four of these prompts pre-written and two editable templates for you to add your own! Full-color versions for projecting or black and white for printing are both included.
    • Just like the other prompts, there are display versions and handout versions included.
  • Friendly Snowman Student Writing Pages- MULTIPLE VERSIONS! These will be used for the Friendly Snowman writing prompts. There are three versions included. Two lined with different spacing, and one with half for writing/half for illustrating. Choose the one that works best for your grade level!
  • EDITABLE Friendly Snowman Reveal Cards: The students’ names will automatically show up on these reveal cards to reflect what was typed into the initial student name cards, so they are ready to print! Just print them and cut them, and they are ready for the final reveal activity.
  • Student “Thank You” Writing Pages: After the final reveal activity is complete, have the students write a thank you letter to the student who was their Friendly Snowman!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kaylyn Mueske
All the Feels

What a great way to promote a positive classroom environment and for students to know they are valued by their peers!

Sarah Snider

My students loved this!

Jennifer Stoffel

My students loved being Friendly Snowmen!! Thank for the fun activity!!

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