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Kindergarten September Reading Passages Printable Version


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Introducing the printable Kindergarten September Reading Passages! Are you looking for engaging and educational reading materials to enhance your language skills? Look no further! Our Kindergarten September Reading Passages are specifically designed to provide an enriching reading experience for readers of all ages and proficiency levels.


Differentiate with ease with these four September-themed reading passages. Each of the four topics includes three leveled passages that are relevant to the same answer sheet! Themes include International Week of the Deaf, dealing with stress, National Literacy Week, and National Video Games Day.


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Page Count: 22  |   File Type: PDF

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What makes these Kindergarten Reading Passages so unique?




This product includes four reading passage topics. Each topic in this set includes two leveled passages (one harder and one easier), and multiple choice and free response answer options for each passage. That’s a total of 16 passage options in this set! The passages have been carefully leveled, and the levels are subtly marked with a small icon in the corner (a heart icon labels the easier version, and the star the harder version). No child will feel left out since the mark is only a small symbol. Because both of the leveled options have the same questions, you can assign each child the page that is most appropriate for their level while still discussing the same topics and questions with the full class. Differentiation made simple! Alternatively, you can always assign the full class the passage option.


Monthly themes

Relevant content sparks students’ interest and increases engagement. Not only do these passages have a variety of nonfiction and fiction stories, but your students will also be excited to study topics like holidays and seasons that are part of their present environment. Kindergarteners are at the adorable age where every holiday and season is monumental. Use that to help them develop key reading comprehension skills.


Comprehension Questions

Every passage includes three comprehension questions. Instead of the questions focusing solely on the “what,” special attention has been given to include other types of questions (example: who, when, where, why, how). This prepares children for longer paragraph-driven text they will approach in 1st grade. The students will also be asked to cite the textual evidence for each answer using red, yellow and blue pencils. This technique requires students to slow down and think critically during each question. It also helps students develop the habit of reviewing the text again prior to submitting an answer. Additionally, free-response and multiple-choice options are given for each topic. This gives you versatility. Assign the multiple-choice option if you’re crunched for time. Assign free-response to focus on handwriting, etc.



Full Contents of the Kindergarten August Reading Passages Printable Version:

  • A Note To Teacher – Instructions so you’ll know just how to get the most out of these passages
  • Passage Differentiation Information – A guide so you can easily differentiate with this resource
  • Craft Fair Passages & Questions – A boy explores a craft fair and meets a deaf seller. Themes: International Week of the Deaf (The last full week of September)
  • Stress Passages & Questions– This self-help article explains positive coping strategies for dealing with stress and challenges. Themes: Suicide Prevention Month/Week
  • Dolly’s Book Passages & Questions – Most people know Dolly Parton for her music, but this passage explores her love of books. Her dad couldn’t read, so she read to him. Themes: National Literacy Week (Last week of September)
  • Video Games  Passages & Questions – Learn about the very first video games in this brief history. Themes: National Video Games Day (September 12)
  • Answer Key – To make grading and discussions a breeze.


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