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18 AI Teaching Tools Every Teacher Should Know How to Use

How can teachers incorporate AI into their teaching practices?

The power of AI can be used to make your teaching life so much easier! Did you know that by using AI you can cut down hours of work each week, increase productivity, and prevent burnout? It’s amazing and there are so many tools out there that you can utilize!

Listen to this episode of Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast to hear from Brittany Blackwell (who spoke at our recent Winter Educate & Rejuvenate event!) about AI tools that you can use such as Magic School AI, & ChatGPT to make your teaching life so much easier!

And then keep reading below for a list of even more AI teaching tools every teacher should know how to use.

Why use AI teaching tools?

AI tools can help increase your productivity and maximize your teaching time. You no longer need to spend hours grading, lesson planning, or writing quizzes, AI can do that for you!

Note: AI is not always accurate and does make mistakes. You will want to review everything you create with AI to make sure it has the correct information before giving it to your students. 

AI teaching tools for lesson planning

Magic School AI– Magic School AI is more than just a lesson planning tool! It has over 60 AI tools (way more than we can list here!) that teachers can utilize in their classrooms. Lesson planning, differentiating, class newsletters, IEP generators 🤯, there are so many useful tools that can save you hours of work each week.– With over 100 tools (crazy?!) that you can utilize so that you can spend more time teaching your students and less time on all the administrative tasks. You can see ALL of the amazing tools that Eduaide offers teachers here.

Education Copilot– Education Copilot is powered by AI to create structured lesson plans, handouts, student reports, writing prompts, and more!

Or for more help with lesson planning & access to our full library of resources join Wife Teacher Mommy Club!

AI teaching tools for presentations

Curipod– Use the power of AI to create interactive slide presentations. You simply type in your lesson topic, grade level, and learning objectives and let Curipod do the rest of the work.

Powerpoint Speaker Coach– Practice presentation skills by using the Speaker Coach browser extension. Use it to practice your own presentation skills or have your students use it to practice before giving a presentation to the class.  Speaker Coach evaluates things like pace and pitch and gives you a report at the end of each practice with ideas for improvement.– Slides AI will create a presentation for you in Google Slides from any text. Simply copy and paste the text and the slides will be instantly created!

woman relaxing and smiling under text that says "teachers using AI" and a woman stressed looking at a paper under text that says "teachers not using AI"- teacher AI meme

AI teaching tools for generating questions or discussions

Parlay Genie– Add a topic or URL that you want your students to read and discuss. Then Parlay Genie gives you coordinated student instructions and discussion questions that are grade-level suitable, saving you the work of looking for or generating your own!

Ask Your PDF– Upload any PDF and Ask Your PDF will generate questions to ask based on the information included. 

Question Well– Input your topic or reading and then let Question Well generate essential questions, learning objectives, and multiple-choice questions. You can export the questions to other sites such as Kahoot!, Quizzizz, and Canvas.

Hello History– Bring history to life.. Literally. Hello History gives students the opportunity to have life-like conversations with historical figures by asking questions, or even debating with them.

AI teaching tools for quizzes

Yippity– Use Yippity to convert any text or website into a quiz with questions and answers. Plus, you can then easily turn those questions and answers into flashcards to help your students study.

Conker– Conker is an easy way to create quizzes with various question types. Conker makes it simple to customize and accommodate to meet the needs of your students.

Formative AI– Formative has been around for a while to help teachers create quizzes and lessons. Now, it has incorporated ChatGPT so that teachers can auto-generate standards-aligned questions and hints that can help students.

Classpoint AI– Simplify your planning by using Classpoint AI to create multiple-choice, short-answer, or fill-in-the-blank questions from any PowerPoint slides. 

AI teaching tools for grammar, reading, & writing

Quillbot– Quillbot has a variety of uses such as paraphrasing, summarizing, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker. You can use this tool to improve your or your students’ writing or check students’ work.

Grammarly– Grammarly marks any spelling or grammar errors while you are writing in your internet browser, and makes quick recommendations to fix the mistakes.

Class Companion– Class Companion provides personalized instant feedback to your students’ writing. Students are given multiple attempts to improve their writing and provide you with student progress reports.

Speechify– Help struggling readers by using this text-to-speech tool. This browser extension can read any online text aloud. 

AI teaching tools for math

Mathway– Mathway is the world’s smartest math calculator. Simply type in or scan of picture of your math problem and Mathway will show you step-by-step how to solve the equation.

Did we miss one of your favorite AI teaching tools? Be sure to tell us in the comments on or in our Wife Teacher Mommies Unite Facebook Group!

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