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Top 7 Things You Need to Know About Finding the Best Homeschool Curriculum

Inside: All you need to know about finding the best homeschool curriculum & resources for your homeschool! 

Hey fellow homeschool parents! I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions about how I set up my homeschool curriculum & finding homeschool resources, so I am sharing my answers here! 

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kid writing with a red pencil, mother and son working together and a notebook with a drawing of a pencil & mouse with the word homeschool underneath- top 7 things you need to know about finding the best homeschool curriculum

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What are the best resources for homeschooling?

The simple answer is, the best homeschool curriculum is the one that fits your family’s needs.

There are hundreds if not thousands of complete homeschool curriculum with lesson plans

out there to choose from. Is there a “best” homeschool curriculum for everyone? NO! The biggest benefit of homeschooling is you get to do what is best for your kid’s needs.

You may find that one curriculum fits all of your needs, if so that is great! In many cases, parents choose to mix and match homeschool curriculums, resources, and programs to fit their families.

When finding the best resources for homeschooling your kids ask yourself these questions:

  • What are our family’s needs (kids’ ages, reading levels, math levels, and interests)
  • What are our family homeschooling goals?
  • What mediums (computer programs, workbooks, worksheets, job shadows, co-ops) work best for my child? 
  • Is this resource financially feasible for my family? 
  • Are there parent support options with this homeschool curriculum?

Once you’ve got your resources picked out and are ready to set up your homeschool classroom, check out this blog post about Creating an Indoor Learning Environment for Kids that has some amazing tips!

How can I get free homeschool supplies?

Check with your state. Every U.S. state does it differently. You can check out your state’s homeschool grant options on this website

You can also look for homeschool programs in your state such as My Tech High or Canyon Grove, which are available here in Utah. These programs can help you find the homeschool curriculum that is best for you as well as give you technology allowances that will help you to get free homeschool supplies through reimbursements.

Did you know that as a homeschool parent, you can take advantage of many discounts that are offered to public school teachers? A2Z Homeschool has a whole list of homeschool discounts you can use!

Or finally, Wife Teacher Mommy has many free homeschool resources that can help you get started! 

What is the best website for homeschool?

There are lots of fabulous websites that can be used for homeschooling. Some popular websites include Khan Academy and ABC Mouse. Both of these websites are great to supplement your homeschool curriculum.

The Homeschool Mom has a great list of other helpful homeschool websites.

Check out Wife Teacher Mommy Club, it is a  fantastic homeschool website option for parents! When you join the club, you get access to our full library of thousands of resources which makes differentiating to meet your children’s needs a breeze! You also get a community of teachers and fellow homeschool parents who are there to help you. AND life coaching to help you work through your challenges.

What is the best math curriculum for homeschool?

Like I said before, the best math homeschool curriculum is going to be dependent on your family’s needs however here are a few good options that you can look into!

We use a math curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful  and supplement it with Wife Teacher Mommy resources for math, other homeschool math curriculums that you could consider are:

  • Life of Fred
  • Saxon Math
  • Right Start Games
  • Mango Math
  • Mathtacular
  • Khan Academy

You may have to try out a few of them to find the one or two that work best for your kids.

Playing math games together is another great way to supplement your homeschool math curriculum! Check out this list of my favorite math games on my Amazon storefront.  

Can I use workbooks for homeschooling?

Of course! Many of the homeschool curriculums out there come as workbooks. They are a great way to stay organized.

Or you can make your own homeschool curriculum workbooks as I did. I took our full 36 Weeks of Skills Practice for Parents and my workbooks for each of my kids to practice their math, reading, writing, and SEL skills. 

If you have your own binding machine, you can easily do it yourself, or you can have it done at a place like Office Depot for a decent price. 

I have a great blog post all about cheap printing for homeschoolers if you want more ideas of places to print and bind your own workbooks.

Does ABCmouse count as homeschool?

ABC Mouse, while not a full curriculum, is a great supplement to your homeschool curriculum for young kids.

ABC Mouse offers a free trial and then a monthly fee after that. It is specifically for children ages 2-8 and helps with reading, math, science, arts, and colors. 

What is the best homeschool planner?

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner has literally EVERYTHING you need to plan and organize your homeschool. We have thought of everything and made sure you will have all the pages you will need when planning this year!

What should a homeschool planner include? Here is a list of all that is included in the Ultimate Homeschool Planner:

  • Multiple cover options so that your homeschool planner reflects your family’s personality
  • Divider Sections and Binder Tabs to ensure that everything you need is easy to find
  • Whole family and individual child schedule sheets so that you can plan in a way that makes sense to you
  • Curriculum info sheets to help you choose the curriculum that suits your family’s needs
  • Multiple checklists to help you stay organized and never forget anything again
  • Time-blocked scheduling sheets so that you can easily plan out your day in 15-minute increments
  • A variety of weekly planning sheets allow you to choose the pages that best fit your needs
  • Full year-at-a-glance pages to make planning ahead easy
  • Pre-dated planning sheets so you will never have to spend hours writing the dates again
  • Homeschooling co-op sheets to help you navigate a busy co-op program
  • Child information pages to help you keep track of each child’s individual needs and goals
  • Individual and combined areas of study tracking pages to keep all of your instruction as efficient as possible
  • Password tracking sheets so that you will never forget your passwords again
  • Expense tracking sheets to help you stay on budget
  • Homeschool connection pages to help you keep a log of important contacts
  • Field trip pages to help you plan all your field trips throughout the year

The best part? It comes in both print AND digital formats to customize it for you!

If you have any other homeschool questions reach out on Instagram or join our Wife Teacher Mommies Unite Facebook group.

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