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What is the best teacher’s planner?

There are so many teacher’s planner options out there, how do you choose which one is best for you?

Three women holding teacher's planners- What is the best teacher's planner?

Do I need a teacher’s planner?

writing in teacher's planner

Yes! Teaching is a crazy job with so many things to keep track of- students, assignments, grading, lesson plans, school schedules, field trips, and assemblies. Having the right teacher planner, that works for you, will help you stay on track and make teaching a little bit easier! 

The ideal planner is necessary for every teacher! The right planner will not only schedule your academic days and duties, but it will also help you define objectives, clarify your ideal life balance, and design the doable teaching career you’ve always wanted!

How do I choose a teacher’s planner?

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Before purchasing a teacher’s planner, think about your needs and your organizational style. What types of things do you want to track in your planner? Where will you keep your planner? Will it stay at school, or will you carry it with you? What size of planner do you want? Do you want any special features? How would a digital planner work for you? What digital formats are you most familiar with? 

Once you’ve thought through those things, you’ll know what kind of planner will meet your needs! 

What is the best teacher’s planner?

pages in teacher's planner

The best teacher’s planner is the one that meets your needs. At Wife Teacher Mommy, we have dozens of planner options so that you can find the one that works best for you! 

From a physical planner that we mail to you, to customizable print & digital versions, you’ll find the best teacher’s planner for you! Plus, our printable & digital planners come in lots of fun themes so that your teacher planner can match your classroom decor! 

The Teacher Planner by Wife Teacher Mommy

A unique, luxury teacher’s planner! With this planner as your guide, you can keep track of not only your school days and duties but also your ideal life balance, objectives, and the perfect teaching life you want.

You’ll be delighted with the full-color design and motivational phrases to keep you encouraged as you finish your planning and daily duties from the moment you open the high-quality package and browse through the pages. This undated 12-month planner is pleather-bound and available in three gorgeous colors. Read a breakdown of each section of The Teacher Planner below.

green, blue, and pink teacher's planners and open planner

Intro Pages: 

  • To get you more excited about using your planner, we’ve included a Welcome Letter that will help you dive into your most organized year yet
  • Navigate the planner seamlessly with the How to Use Your Planner pages 
  • Learn how to utilize every section by reading the Make The Most of Your Planner pages 

The Weekly, Monthly, and Teacher Planning sections include: 

  • Don’t miss events with Important Dates that make them nearly impossible to forget!
  • Keep yourself on track with the Class Schedule 
  • Navigate changes with the Specials Schedule while utilizing important curricular opportunities for your students
  • Class List to help you have all the important student information in one place
  • Class Birthdays make birthday celebrations easy and fun for not only your students but yourself as well.
  • Make parent involvement and communication uncomplicated with the Communication Tracker
  • Password Tracker to make logging into any site a snap
  • Student Checklist– 12 spreads to make assigning tasks convenient
  • Foster an organized routine from the beginning to the end of the year with the Year at a Glance spread
  • Track to-dos and dates with the Monthly Planning Pages. 12 monthly spreads so that you can sit down and plan out the entire month without pulling your hair out
  • The Weekly Planning Pages provide room for notes & wins. 5 Weekly Spreads between each monthly spread so a whole month will fit in between, to help make lesson planning simple and not time-consuming
  • Plus, 10 Grid pages give you plenty of room for planning
  • And 10 Note Pages give you plenty of room to take notes, doodle, and keep track of everything you need

In addition, the pages that make this planner one-of-a-kind:

  • Goal Setting and Life Planning pages to make setting goals and making a plan to accomplish them second nature
  • Self-reflection is key! Use the 15 Wins and 15 Things to Achieve pages to help you own your wins as well as focus on areas to improve
  • Make reaching your goals easy with the Goal Breakdown Pages to help you focus your attention where it is needed
  • Anticipating Roadblocks and Creating Strategies so that when you hit bumps in the road, you know exactly how to navigate them without getting frustrated
  • Stay focused with the Ideal Week planner to help you know exactly what tasks take priority each week
  • Monthly Habit Tracker spreads encourage you to reflect on your day-to-day habits and make changes where necessary
  • Goal To-Do Lists to make even the most daunting to-do list a breeze
  • Use The Power of Positive Thinking to guide your mind into positive spaces instead of negative ones
  • My Thoughts to Think to pilot positive, productive thoughts in a conducive way
open teacher's planner

The Teacher Planner provides you with the resources and skills you need to build the life you want. Lesson preparation, life balance, and goal-keeping will no longer cause you worry. With the help of this planner, you can manage every element of your life with ease and organization.

Printable Teacher Planners

Grab your favorite binder and print out the pages that you want to use! It’s that simple! 

Our printable teacher planners include everything you will need, including daily, weekly, and monthly planning calendars, to have the best, most organized school year ever! The nice thing about these planners is that there are multiple layout options, so you can choose to print just the ones that meet your needs.

We have thought of everything and made sure you will have all the pages you will need when planning this school year!

What is included in the printable teacher’s planner?

  • Multiple cover options so that your teacher planner reflects your personality
  • Divider sections and binder tabs ensure that everything you need is easy to find
  • Class and school information pages to help you keep all the important information handy
  • Classroom procedure pages to help you plan out your procedures before school even starts
  • Multiple checklists will help you stay organized and never forget anything again
  • Time-blocked scheduling sheets so that you can easily plan out your day in 15-minute increments
  • A variety of weekly planning sheets allow you to choose the pages that best fit your needs
  • Full year-at-a-glance calendar pages to make planning ahead easy
  • Pre-dated calendar planning sheets so you will never have to spend hours writing the dates again
  • Emergency procedure pages to help you stay calm during chaos
  • Class list sheets and student information pages to help you keep track of each student’s individual needs
  • Attendance and score tracking sheets to help you keep track of important information for report cards
  • Meeting note pages to help you during parent or faculty meetings
  • Parent contact and communication logs to track each time you communicate with parents to help ensure that you communicate positive as well as necessary information
  • Password tracking sheets so that you will never forget your passwords again
  • Student transportation sheets to help you keep track of how each student gets home

 You can check them out in our TPT store as well.

Digital Teacher Planners

Not a paper and pen person? Access your planner on any device in Google Slides format with our digital teacher planners. 

Our digital teacher planners include all the same pages as the printable versions! You can check them out in our TPT store as well.

Make the next school year amazing with the teacher’s planner that works for you!

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