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What is your time REALLY worth?

We all wear so many hats…  whether it be Wife, Teacher, Mommy, Grandma, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Neighbor… the list goes on and on. Whatever hats you wear, it’s one crazy, yet insanely rewarding gig that can be a lot to juggle… and that is why we are here to support you!

clock and money, what is your teacher time worth?

Think about all the things you do on a daily basis. How would you calculate your salary? Look up what you would make in each of those roles and you’ll realize your time is worth WAY more than you think!

You may have seen those articles, like this one on before. They estimate that if a mother fills all of the jobs including- “traditional roles – like a housekeeper, dietitian, and daycare teacher – and newer roles – like network administrator, social media communications, and recreational therapist.” According to, it is estimated that the annual income of a mother’s work, “ in 2019 is $178,201 – rising $15,620 (a 9.6% increase) from the 2018 mother’s worth calculation.” If you were working a 9 to 5 job, 40 hours a week, you would be making $85.67/hour.

You could use this same idea to figure out what your time is worth as a teacher (or homeschool parent)- as well as the other roles you take on. (Be sure to tack on the $85.67 an hour ON TOP OF everything else if you’re a parent and an educator)

Wow! Your time is worth A LOT.

So let’s look at how our teaching resources can save you time and money because your time worth a lot MORE than the cost of the resources:

Look at the prices of resources divided by how much time it would take you to start from scratch

What is your teacher time worth?

For example, if you’re a teacher…. there’s a good chance you’ve put off sub plans like most teachers. It is a TEDIOUS task! Preparing sub plans with high quality, prepped materials for every subject for 1-2 weeks would take probably about 10 hours. Full bundle of sub plans which does this for you is $52. Divide 10 hours by 52- is your time worth more than $5.20 an hour?

What about creating a research unit? Prepping all of the worksheets, instructions, research journal, and 4 mini lessons equating to a month full of lesson plans, not to mention 16 research units? At least 15 hours of work, for a single research unit. You get 16 for $183- $12.20/hour. Is your time worth more than that?

What is your homeschool mom time worth?

Homeschool moms, you can spend hours preparing lessons for your students. We offer an ENTIRE YEAR of math or ELA homeschool lessons for just $66.00. You could easily spend 50 hours preparing homeschool lessons for your kids. Is your time worth more than $1.32/hour? 

Now these calculations are time spent just on lesson planning. You have so much more going on in your life! The time spent with your family is precious. We all only have 24 hours in a day. How many of those hours do you want to spend working? How would it feel to be able to walk away from work when it’s over and dedicate the rest of your time to your other roles- wife, mom, being you?

Or Join the Wife Teacher Mommy Club

For just $29.99/a month you get to access everything. Is your time worth that a month? Absolutely! Your time is worth $85 per hour, the cost of the membership is for sure worth it! Join today here.

Are you living your best life?

Think about this- what would your BEST life look like? Let us help you live it! Our resources can trim those work hours down because having time for what matters most is PRICELESS.

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