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12 Must-Listen To Teacher Podcasts

Inside: My favorite, must-listen teacher podcasts & episodes for you to check out!

The other day my daughter was walking around the house with her Minnie Mouse cell phone and a pair of headphones on her head saying, “shhh…. I’m listening to my podcasts.” 

She’s apparently picked something up from me…. I love podcasts and listen to them frequently! I especially love listening to podcasts for teachers.

teacher podcast meme

Today I am sharing my favorite teacher podcasts! These podcasts will help you will all things teaching- from pedagogy to curriculum, mental health to a good laugh, you must listen to these podcasts for teachers.

Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast

Okay, okay, this is my teacher podcast but I do have to say, it is my favorite! I have so much fun talking to all of my guests and sharing my life experiences with fellow teachers and homeschool parents. 

Being an educator is beyond a full-time job. Whether you’re a teacher or a homeschool parent, the everyday to-do list is endless. Between lesson planning, grading, meetings, and actually teaching, it probably feels impossible to show up for your students without dropping the ball in other areas of your life.

Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast is the show that will bring you the teacher tips, practical strategies, and inspiration that you need to relieve the stress and overwhelm of your day-to-day. 

Listen to hear me and my guests cheer you on and help you thrive as a wife, teacher, and mommy. Because with a little support and community, you can do it all! 

Plus, did you know that Wife Teacher Mommy Club members get BONUS podcasts for teachers? Be sure to join the waitlist to join the club to get ALL the content.

Podcasts for Teachers Professional Development

Teacher Approved: A Second Story Window Podcast with Heidi and Emily

Heidi and Emily at Second Story Window share research-based and teacher-approved strategies to help you with your teaching in their podcast. With their tips, you can become a more efficient and effective teacher. 

I interviewed Heidi and Emily about how to have your dream teacher summer in this episode

On their podcast, I talked about owning your wins as a teacher.

The Stellar Teacher

Sara Marye of The Stellar Teacher is a literacy specialist who is passionate about helping elementary teachers. She believes that teaching literacy is a skill. In The Stellar Teacher Podcast, she shares how to level up your literacy instruction. 

On Wife Teacher Mommy Podcast, she shared her tips for small group instruction

Here on The Stellar Teacher Podcast, we talked about teacher sick days.

The Literacy Dive

Megan Polk from The Literacy Dive offers actionable steps and information for ELA teachers in her podcast. She shares all of the literacy tips and strategies that she has learned in her years of experience as an elementary teacher and literacy specialist.

She shared her tips for helping motivate reluctant writers when I interviewed her in this episode

And when she interviewed me we talked more about teacher mental health

Beginning Teacher Talk with Dr. Lori Friesen

In her podcast, Dr. Lori Friesen shares all the things you wish you learned in college about teaching elementary school so that new teachers don’t have to struggle like new teachers. Classroom management, organization, motivating students, working with colleagues, and de-stressing are all covered! 

Lori, came onto my podcast to talk about all things you need to have smart classroom management.

Then, Lori interviewed me about sub planning so that you can take a day off because in case no one has told you lately, you deserve to be able to take a day off!

Teacher Mom Podcasts

Okayest Moms: The Podcast

Teacher moms, this podcast is for you! The Okayest Moms, Brittany and Heather, talk about everything “from motherhood to frivolous reality tv and everything in between.” 

I had the privilege of interviewing Heather in this episode called “Being the ‘Okayest’ Teacher Mom.” 

And they interviewed me on their podcast about fostering a positive parent-teacher relationship.

No Guilt Mom

Another amazing podcast for you teacher moms! No Guilt Mom features JoAnn Chron, an author, teacher & parenting coach, along with her co-host parenting coach & educator, Brie Tucker. Together they share advice for moms and positive parenting tips with no guilt! 

I interviewed JoAnn on my podcast where she shared so many great parenting tips especially about encouraging positive behavior in our kids. 

The Postpartum Coach Podcast

Lizzie Langston is a certified life coach who focuses on life coaching for postpartum women. She is amazing! (I share some of my experience working with Lizzie in this podcast episode.) In her podcast, Lizzie shares mindset tools for postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression to help you heal and get back to living your life to the fullest. 

I got to interview Lizzie on my podcast, where we talked about being an effective teacher by taking care of yourself. 

Teacher Mental Health Podcasts

The Burned In Teacher Podcast

Amber Harper is a Teacher Burnout Coach. She is dedicated to helping other teachers grow through their burnout. She wants to help teachers take the steps they need to get what they want out of their careers and life.

Amber shares her story of teacher burnout and all of the many great tips that she has learned through her own experience! 

Check out The Burned In Teacher Podcast here. Plus, Amber and I interviewed each other on our podcasts. We talked all about teacher burnout & teacher exhaustion and both shared our tips. Listen to both episodes- me on Amber’s podcast here and Amber on my podcast here.

Teacher Talk with Chrissy Nichols

Chrissy Nichols is a teacher with years of experience at every level. She is a certified life coach who wants to help teachers change their thoughts to live their best life NOW. In her podcast, Teacher Talk with Chrissy Nichols, she shares so many great strategies that you can use! 

Chrissy and I have interviewed each other many times on each other podcasts! You can listen to all of those episodes below:

On Teacher Talk with Chrissy Nichols: 

On Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast:

Funny Teacher Podcasts

The Social Studies Podcast

From Apple Podcasts: “Comedians Joe Dombrowski (former elementary school teacher) and co-host Gaspare Randazzo (current high school teacher) discuss the chaotic life in and out of the classroom, the nuances of parenting toddlers, and pretty much all things millennial. Each episode is different. Sometimes they’ll bring you a Hollywood guest such as comedian Anjelah Reyes-Johnson or renowned School Psychologist Dr.Jody Carrington. Sometimes they might read emails from fans, riffing on their unbelievable, real-life, classroom stories. Other times they might argue over the most realistic conspiracy theories. You never know!”

Gaspare was our keynote speaker at our 2022 Winter Educate & Rejuvenate. I got the chance to interview him on Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast. We talked about everything from balancing teaching, stand-up comedy, and dad life, to birth stories, teacher maternity and paternity leave, teacher influencers, and how to pronounce Mario, in this hilarious interview that you do not want to miss!

Teachers Off Duty Podcast

Looking for a funny teacher podcast? Teachers Off Duty from Bored Teachers is the one for you! These hilarious teachers will make you laugh as they talk about education and share their classroom stories. 

Listen to this Honest Teacher Vibes podcast interview I did with Bri who was part of the Bored Teachers Comedy Tour.

Check out these must-listen podcasts for teachers now wherever you listen to podcasts! Don’t forget to share this list with your teacher friends and check out my entire podcast archive here.

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  1. The Wife teacher mommy podcast has such great and relevant topics. If I could make a suggestion, though, slow down. You talk so fast that it is difficult to catch what you’re saying. Maybe it’s just me – I love my teacher podcasts, and I would like to enjoy this one!

    1. Patricia, Thank you so much for your review and taking the time to listen to our podcast💗 I have shared your feedback with Kelsey. In the meantime, you can always slow down the podcast under settings and adjust the speed to .75x so you don’t miss anything! Thanks again! Rachael

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